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      (For cement mills with 1 chamber)          
      Date           No separator
      Company     First generation
      Cement plant     Second generation
      Mill N° (1)           Third generation
      (1) Cement mills with 1 compartment are generally used after a pre-grinding system or with slag as component.
      (1) Then, we consider that big balls are not necessary in this type of mill.  
      Kind of separator (2)  
      (2) These mills are generally in closed circuit.            
      Mill diameter   m        
      Mill length   m       Clinker
      L/D ratio           White clinker
      Speed   rpm       Alumina clinker
      Critical speed   rpm       Gypsum
      % of the critical speed   %       Anhydrite
      Cement type (3)       Pozzolana
      (3) If various cements are produced, choose the cement with the highest output (t/h) rate or the cement the most  Trass
      important or having the highest production (tons/year) rate.     Slag
      Total mill's output   t/h       Fly ash
      Composition of the alimentation: Percentage:          Limestone filler
      Total   %        
      Real mill's output (4)   t/h        
      (4) It is the total output less the fly ash/limestone filler fraction      
      (4) We consider that fly ash and limestone filler don't need to be crushed in the 1st chamber and/or are directly
      introduced after the mill         
      Grinding chamber:              
      Useful length   m     Classifying  
      Type of lining  
        Not classifying  
      Average thickness of lining   mm      
      Volume load   %      
      Tonnage of balls   t       
      Fineness at chamber inlet Blaine (cm2/gr)    
      Fineness at chamber outlet Blaine (cm2/gr)    
      Barrage (dam) (5)   %        
      (5) The barrage or dam is useful only in case of classifying lining. This barrage consists of balls of diameter 60, 50 and 40mm.
      (5) These balls at the beginning of the chamber allow to crush the last particles of 2-5mm present in the feed.
      (5) The part of the dam is normally 10-15% of the tonnage of the chamber 2 ball charge.
      Grinding media wear    gr/t        
      Mill running hours/year    h        
      Composition of the charge of the grinding chamber:   No      
      Accept ball with 30mm diameter
      Diameter 60mm   t    or % %
      Diameter 50mm   t    or % %
      Diameter 40mm   t    or % %
      Diameter 30mm   t    or % %
      Diameter 25mm   t    or % %
      Diameter 20mm   t    or % %
      Diameter 17mm   t    or % %
      Diameter 15mm   t    or % %
      Total   t    or % %
      Average weight   gr/ball        
      Balls number            
      Surface of the ball charge   m2        
      Surface by ton of balls   m2/t   
      Similar composition in case of cylpebs (6):          
      (6) Only if there is not a barrage and without classifying lining Make-up  
      24 x 24 mm   t    or % %
      20 x 20 mm   t    or % %
      16 x 16 mm   t    or % %
      12 x 12 mm   t    or % %
      Total   t    or % %
      Average weight   gr/cylpebs      
      Cylpebs number            
      Surface of the grinding charge   m2        
      Surface by ton of cylpebs   m2/t        
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