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      Calculation of drying capacities for coal airswept mill (Weber Method)  
      Society/Cement plant    
      Coal Mill N°        
      Mill diameter m        
      Drying chamber diameter m        
      Drying chamber length m (transfer diaphragm included)    
      Grinding chamber volume load %         
      Mill absorbed power kW        
      Output t/h        
      Specific power consumption kWh/t        
      False air at mill discharge %        
      Type of coal: % % moisture        
      Quantity of water in the feed          
      Existing (Main fan) m3/h         
      Reference temperature °C          
      Quantity in Nm3/h Nm3/h        
      Air speed in the mill (*) m/sec        
      (*) air speed in chamber 1 if birotator mill          
      (*) air speed in chamber 2 if compound mill          
      (*) Speed for available air quantity          
      Type of gas
      Gaz temperature °C        
      Ambient temperature °C        
      Residual moisture %        
      Tails temperature °C        
      Circulating load (Feed/Fines)        
      Fresh feed temperature °C        
      Total feed temperature °C         
      Mill outlet air temperature °C        
      Outlet material temperature °C   
      Ventilation Nm3/h        
      Water vapor Nm3/h        
      Total Nm3/h        
      Capacity m3/h        
      Total capacity m3/h        to °C    
      Is it enough presently?          
      Air speed m/sec        
      Is it too quick?        
      Maximum moisture acceptable with the present drying conditions %  
      Moisture acceptable in the case of gas/air temperature increase and existing ventilation    
      New gas/air temperature °C        
      Acceptable moisture %        
      DRYING CHAMBER VOLUME            
      Volume m3        
      Capacity l/m3.h    
      If insufficient volume, volume to foresee          
        m3 or length to foresee m  
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