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        Bucket elevator design elements                
        Warning: This calculator gives a rough and initial idea for the design of a bucket elevator.    
        To go ahead, a more detailed study is needed with the installation supplier.          
        Mill/Project N°              
        Note: It is supposed to have a belt transmission                
        Flow rate of material t/h            
        Safety factor
        Desired capacity t/h 200      
        Bulk density of cement kg/m3 250      
        Volumetric flow rate m3/h 300      
        Length between pulleys axis m 350      
        Buckets filling ratio
        Recommended loading width mm 450      
        Select loading width
    mm 500      
        Arrangement of buckets 550      
        Bucket projection mm 650      
        Useful volume by row dm3 800      
        Effective volume corrected by row dm3 900      
        Weight of material per row/bucket kg 1000      
        Pitch between buckets/rows
    mm 1300      
        Number of buckets (rows)  per hour 1600      
        Belt speed m/sec 1950      
        Confirmation of the capacity t/h 2400      
        Belt width mm              
        Pulley diameter mm              
        Calculated speed of pulley rpm              
        Recommended speed of pulley (*) rpm        
        (*) If the difference between calculated speed and recommended speed is greater than 10%,              
        change the pitch between buckets or buckets rows                
        Belt length m            
        Number of plies              
        Belt weight kg   0,75        
        Number of rows     0,8        
        Number of buckets       0,85        
        Force applied to the belt kg 0,92        
        Tension applied on the belt N/mm 0,94        
        Motor power         0,96        
        Motor efficiency
        Absorbed power kW     0,98        
        Installed power kW              
        Estimation of the bucket elevator capacity         0,3      
        Note: In function of measurements on site           0,5      
        Width of bucket mm     0,65      
        Pitch between buckets mm       0,7      
        Estimate bucket filling degree
        Calculated volume of the bucket (*) dm3       0,8      
        (*) To measure on site           0,85      
        Bucket linear speed m/s       0,9      
        Bulk density of material kg/m3       1      
        Capacity of the bucket elevator t/h              
    All rights reserved © 2012-2015 The Cement Grinding Office