The fields with the red border are required.
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      Electrostatic precipitators - Elements of design
      Disclaimer: This calculator is only a tool of approach and should not replace the study of a specialized firm or competent people!  
      A particular attention should be paid on the units.          
      Is there a representative particle size analysis of the dust?
      Typical feed of the ESP Dimension in µ (*) by ascending order Cumulated residues in  % (*) Average dimension of the range in µ Partial residues in  % (*)    
      (*) all fields must be completed    
      (*) ascending sieves    
      Mean particle size (*) µ      
      (*) according to the mass            
      If there is no particle size analysis:        
      Define a mean particle size (*) µ      
      (*) only if there is no size analysis            
      Particles Density kg/m3      
      Dust concentration g/m3        
      Gas temperature °C        
      Pressure to consider kPa atm    
      Specific gravity of gas kg/m3        
      Estimate the velocity of migration of the mean particle          
      Specify the electrical charge C        
      Electric field strength V/m        
      Dynamic viscosity of air Kg/m.sec (N.sec/m2)      
      Migration velocity (ω) cm/sec        
      Estimate the corona onset voltage        
      Discharge electrodes diameter mm      
      Between collecting plates mm (distance)    
      Corona onset voltage V        
      Determine the specific collecting area (SCA)        
      Quantity of gas to be treated m3/h        
      Define the desired efficiency %        
      Specific collecting surface (*) m2/(m3/s)        
      (*) the specific collecting area (SCA) is between 16 and 150 m2/(m3/s)      
      (*) one must modify, if necessary, the value of electric charge to stay in this range       
      Estimate the dimensions of the ESP        
      Total Collecting surface m2        
      Aspect ratio (L/H) (*)          
      (*) ratio Length/Height between 0,5 et 2            
      Estimate a gas velocity (*) m/s        
      (*) normally between 1 and 2,5 m/s            
      Dimensions (*)            
      Plate height m        
      Plate length m        
      Number of plates required          
      Width of the ESP m        
      (*) select the aspect ratio and the gas velocity ratio to get a satisfactory appearance        
      Calculation of the efficiency the ESP        
      By the formula of Deutsch %        
      By revised formula %        
      Outlet load g/m3 (dust concentration at outlet)    
      Estimate the power required            
      Pressure drop of ESP (*) mmH2O kPa    
      (*) value expected            
      Other pressure drops in the circuit to take into consideration:      
      At mill outlet mmH2O kPa    
      Of static separator mmH2O kPa    
      Of Cyclone mmH2O kPa    
      Dynamic pressure mmH2O kPa    
      Ducts mmH2O kPa    
      Total pressure drop mmH2O kPa    
      Fan efficiency %        
      Operating Power kW ch    
      Power for the corona effect kW ch  
      Total power kW ch    
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