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      Mass balance - Mill in closed circuit
      Separator of the 1st generation        
      Filter product coming back to the bucket elevator      
      Note: This calculator can be used for a separator of the 3rd generation imagining that the separator fines
      are collected in a filter with a maximum efficiency      
      Mill number    
      Reference sieve in microns
      Mill output t/h    
      Results of the sampling        
      Cumulated residues of mill outlet %    
      Cumulated residues separator feed %    
      Cumulated residues separator tails %    
      Cumulated residues separator fines %    
      Cumulated residues filter outlet %    
      Cumulated residues finished product %    
      Cumulated residues on the reference sieve!        
      Circulating factor      
      Calculated flows:     Percentage:  
      Filter output t/h %
      Separator fines output t/h %
      Separator feed output t/h    
      Inside mill flow t/h    
      Mill outlet output t/h    
      Separator tails output t/h    
      Reduction ratio in the mill on: µ    
      Cumulated residues of fresh feed %    
      Cumulated residues at mill inlet %    
      Reduction ratio    
      NB: In the calculation, the efficiency of the filter is assumed to be 100%    
    All rights reserved © 2012-2016 The Cement Grinding Office