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      (For cement mills with 2 chambers) 
      This calculator is a good start to evaluate the grinding ball charge after mill analysis.            
      Results must be confirmed by a specialized engineering office.                  
      The Cement Grinding Office accepts no responsibility in case of problems due to the misuse of the calculator.        
      Cement plant                
      Mill N°                        
      Type of circuit
        Open 1st generation                  
      Type of separator
      Closed 2nd generation                  
                3rd generation                  
      There are 3 samples for chamber 1 and 6 chamber for chamber 2. All the samples must be filled to get results.          
      Fill from the largest sieve to the smallest and in µm.                      
      There is possibility for 10 sieves maximum (less sieves is acceptable).                  
      Sieves higher than 10000µm are important to analyse the first chamber efficiency.                 
      Any size of sieves can be used but 2500µ and 90µ are obligatory.                    
      Results of the sampling must be residues cumulated in %.                    
          Residues cumulated in %        
          Chamber 1 Chamber 2        
           Ch1.1 Ch1.2 Ch1.3 Ch2.1 Ch2.2 Ch2.3 Ch2.4 Ch2.5 Ch2.6        
        Sieve 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9        
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        Real present ball charge:    
        Chamber 1:      
        Balls Tons Percent  
        Ø 100mm  
        Ø 90mm   0,1 0,07 0,05 0,035 0,02          
        Ø 80mm  
        Ø 70mm  
        Ø 60mm  
        Ø 50mm  
        Chamber 2:                  
        Balls Tons Percent   2500       1 2 3 4
        Ø 60mm           0 20 40 60
        Ø 50mm          
        Ø 40mm           40 30 25 20
        Ø 30mm          
        Ø 25mm          
        Ø 20mm            
        Ø 17mm            
        Ø 15mm                  
        Analysis of the mill sampling:              
        First chamber:                      
        Modification of the ball charge:                    
        Second chamber:                        
        Modification of the ball charge:                    
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