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      Third generation separators sizing elements          
      NB1: This calculator is to be used only for a first and rough estimation!          
      NB2: It is helpful to get a good idea about air quantity and main fan power          
      NB2: To choose the circuit and for sizing machinery, please contact a good supplier        
      Mill number            
      Production data:                
      Expected production t/h            
      Cement fineness (Blaine) cm2/gr            
      Estimated circulation factor (*) (Feed/Fines)          
      (*) Estimated circulation factor should be related to fineness, ball mill conditions and material quality      
      (*) Examples of classical values:                
      Around 3000 Blaine: 1,4-1,8                
      Around 3500 Blaine: 1,8-2,3                
      Around 4000 Blaine: 2,4-2,8                
      Around 4500 Blaine: 2,6-3,5                
      Separator data:                
      Specific air load in the feed (*) kg/m3            
      (*) Ratio tonnage per hour of feed material / air flow in m3/h: max. 2,5 kg/m3          
      Requested air flow m3/h            
      Specific air load in the fines (*) kg/m3            
      (*) Ratio tonnage per hour of fines material / air flow in m3/h: maximum 1 kg/m3          
      (*) Examples of recommended values:                
      Around 3000 Blaine: 0,75-0,8 kg/m3                
      Around 3500 Blaine: 0,7-0,8 kg/m3                
      Around 4000 Blaine: 0,6-0,75 kg/m3                
      Around 4500 Blaine: 0,5-0,6 kg/m3                
      Comment on the above value (*)      
      (*) If recommended value is not reached, decrease specific air load in the feed!          
      Specific rotating cage load (*) t/h.m2            
      (*) Ratio tonnage per hour of fines material / area in m2 of the rotating cage): max. 10-12 t/h.m2        
      Rotor separating area m2            
      Ratio cage D/H (*)              
      (*) Depending of the separator supplier but generally between 1 and 2,5          
      Diameter of the cage m            
      Height of the cage m            
      Minimum cage speed t/min            
      Mini. circumferencial speed m/sec            
      Maximum cage speed t/min            
      Maxi. circumferencial speed m/sec            
      Separator power (*)                
      (*) See with supplier           
      External fan data (*):                
      (*) The majority of the fans in the cement industry are  centrifugal fans backward curved blades        
      (*) Depends of the type of circuit                
      (*) Three types of circuits are possible in this calculator:            
      Circuit 1: separator with filter Δp to take into account:            
    Separator + Filter + Ducts + Dynamic            
      Circuit 2: separator with cyclone (s)                
    Separator + Cyclone(s) + Ducts + Dynamic            
      Circuit 3: mill's ventilation enters below separator plus filter            
    Mill + Separator + Filter + Ducts + Dynamic            
      Mill pressure drop (*) mmH2O            
      (*) Usual values for small mills with diameter < 2,8m : between 100 and 160mmH2O      
      (*) Usual values for medium mills with diameter from 3 to 3,8m : between 120 and 170mmH2O        
      (*) Usual values for big mills with diameter > 4m : between 150 and 200mmH2O          
      (*) For Monochamber mills, remove the pressure drop of 1 diaphragm, i.e ±60-75mmH2O        
      Separator (*) mmH2O            
      (*) Usual value: 200-250mmH2O                
      Cyclone (*) mmH2O            
      (*) Usual value: 50-80mmH2O                
      Bag filter (*) mmH2O            
      (*) Usual value: 120-150mmH2O                
      Ducts (*) mmH2O            
      (*) Usual value: 50-80mmH2O                
      Various mmH2O           75
      Total pressure drop mmH2O           77
      Reference temperature °C         1 79
      Security coefficient
    (for the air quantity, choose)       1,05 80
      New air quantity m3/h   at       1,1 81
      Security coefficient
    (for the pressure drop, choose)       1,15 82
      New pressure drop mmH2O or  Pa   1,2 83
      Fan efficiency
    %         1,25 85
      Fan power kW           87
      Transmission loss
    %           90
      Fan motor power kW or  CV      
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