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      This calculator simulates the behaviour of a dynamic separator for a cement of more or less 3000 Blaine until 3800 Blaine.
      Finer is the cement and higher is the circulating load.          
      Obviously, it's normal.              
      The simulation was performed for the three generations of separators.        
      For a constant separator feed, it gives the fines, tails, circulation factor (ratio feed/fines), the average efficiency,   
      the cut size (D50), the imperfection factor and the by-pass.          
      The graph, as I already mentioned, is very limited in this interactive html page, because logarithmic scales are   
      impossible to do with the converter.            
      I hope to improve this part of the calculator in the future.          
      Separator type
        % Passing cumulated          
      Sieves (µ) Feed Fines Tails Efficiency Tromp Tromp Reduced % Intervals  
      % % µ  
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      Circulation Factor (A/F)
      Average Efficiency %
      D50% (Cut Size) µm
      By-Pass   %
    All rights reserved © 2012-2015 The Cement Grinding Office