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    Ball mill sizing with Bond method        
    (for ball mill(s) single stage circuit)          
  1 Work index (base) kWh/t kWh/sht  
    SG Specific gravity of ore t/m3      
  2 Efficiency factors           
    EF1: Kind of process
    Overflow Passing target at
    EF2: Open circuit correction
    Diameter (first estimation) (*) m <----------  Iteration!  
    (*) This diameter must be modified at the end of the calculation in order to be equal    
    to the final calculated mill diameter in the blue case (it's an iteration)      
    EF3: Mill diameter correction
    Feed 80% of passing expected mm      
    Product 80% of passing target μ      
    EF4: Feed size correction        
    EF5: Product fineness correction        
    EF6: Reduction ratio correction        
    Type of liners
(Eventually rubber if top size ball < 80mm)  
    EF7: Rubber liners correction        
  3 Work index corrected kWh/t      
  4 Specific energy (estimated) kWh/t      
  5 Production target t/h      
  6 Power required kW HP  
Efficiency correction in %
  7 Power kW HP  
  8 Diameter calculation          
    Mill % of the critical speed %      
    Filling degree expected %      
    L/D Ratio expected        
    % water in mill pulp expected %      
    Type of lining expected
    Type of outlet expected
    Lining average thickness mm      
    Mill diameter m       
  9 Mill length m      
  10 Mill speed rpm      
  11 Absorbed power expected kW HP  
    Select the dimensions directly higher with the supplier.      
    If you think the mill diameter is too high, repeat the calculation for 2 or more mills in parallel clicking
    the next page of the calculator.      
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