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The Cement Grinding Office offers a gift to the site's users:

Optimization of energy costs of grinding plants
"Optimization of energy costs of grinding plants" is a small calculator that can not be converted into interactive HTML page.
In fact, the conversion software does not recognize the Solver add-in installed on Excel.
Cost optimization problems actually come from operational research (linear programming and constrained minimization), that's what makes Solver.
However, there are traditional, manual methods to solve these problems, for example, the SIMPLEX method.
I tried this method but the result is a complicated calculator, unstable and unreliable.
In a word, Heat Robinson.
The best solution has been to keep this calculator in Excel format and to share with the users of the site.
Warning: This calculator is only a first approach.
You can use and modify it at your convenience for private purpose and as part of your job.
For public or commercial use, credits on the origin are welcome.
Finally, the Solver add-in must be installed.
To see if this is the case, follow the procedure in the online help of the software supplier.
You can download the file below, in either French or English (Excel 2010).
An example is also available clicking on the buttons below.
Thank you and Enjoy!
English version
French version
English Example
Exemple franšais