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      The grinding circuit audit process              
      The quality audit consists in:              
       - The triggering                  
       - The preparation                
       - The execution                  
       - The study                  
       - The report                  
      The triggering:                  
      For what reason the audit is triggered?            
      It can be triggered beforehand (preventive audit), for example before an investment.  
      It can be triggered a posteriori (corrective audit) after detecting or locating anomalies or
      inefficiencies  in the circuit.              
      The preparation of the audit consists in:            
       - Definition of the target, objectives            
       - Planning of The audit                
       - Human resources required              
       - Material resources required              
       - Planning of The audit                
       - Calculation of time required              
      The audit consists in:                
       - Collect technical data of the grinding plant (technical form, flow-sheet)    
       - Collect production data              
       - Visit of The plant in operation              
       - Visit of The electrical room              
       - Taking samples in the circuit (mill outlet, separator(s), filter(s), finished product)  
       - Crash-stop of The mill (all auxiliaries also)            
       - Taking samples of The fresh feed (on weighfeeders)        
       - Checking of some auxiliaries like separator (open The doors)      
       - Mill inspection (all chambers)              
       - Axial test sampling                
      The study consists in:                
       - Analysis of the sampling results (fresh feed, axial test and circuit)      
       - Analysis of The technical data              
       - Analysis of The production data              
       - Various calculations (with grinding software)          
       - Interpretations and comparisons              
      The report consists in:                
       - Preliminary pages (abstract, table of contents, glossary)        
       - Main report with introduction (in which the aim and the objectives of the work are presented),
      development (with calculations and tables) and conclusion and recommendations  
       - Annexes with figures and sheets              
      Time required:                  
      Generally, 3 days are required to carry out the visit on site and 3 days to realize the study and
      write the report.                  
      These figures may be different from one case to another.