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      1   Introduction        
        - We will not repeat the importance of filtration in industrial environments and particularly in cement plants.
        - Filtration, which is also known as dedusting system, pursues several objectives in the cement grinding plants:
          * To keep equipment clean to prevent mechanical problems (clogging, blocking ...) and process complications
          * To collect materials that are either added to the finished product or return to the grinding circuit
          * To send to the atmosphere a clean air that meets government standards of each country  
        - The table below gives an idea of ​​the size of the particles to recover depending on the type of application:
        - There are many types of filtration:        
          * Filtration by gravity: sedimentation chamber      
          * Mechanical Filtration: gravity, inertia, centrifugal forces (cyclone)    
          * Wet filtration (scrubber): capture of particles in a liquid phase      
          * Fibrous media filtration (baghouses)        
          * Electrostatic Filtration: electric field (electrofilter)      
        - The table below gives an idea of ​​the areas of application of these different types of filtration:  
        - Here below, one can compare different types of dust removal according to the operating parameters and costs:
        - In the case of a grinding plant, we are interested in the following 3 types:    
          * Cyclones        
          * Electrostatic precipitators        
          * Bag filters        
        - Cyclones have already resulted in a presentation that can be seen at the following link:  
        - We will analyze in this document electrostatic precipitators and bag filters.    
        - Finally, here is a table showing typical concentrations in cement works:    
        - The next chapter will be dedicated to electrostatic precipitators.      
    All rights reserved © 2012-2015 The Cement Grinding Office