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      Pre-grinding systems        
      1   Introduction        
        - Pre-grinding systems have emerged in the 80s.      
        - The first machines installed have been roller presses.      
        - Soon, these systems have known a great success despite initial problems of wear of the rollers.
        - Five years after its appearance, there were already no less than 300 of these presses worldwide.
        - The success of the roller press is due among other things:      
          * Relatively low investment costs (for simplified flowsheet)      
          * Significant energy savings that can be achieved with this technology    
        - We know that the energy efficiency of the ball mill is desperately low, between 3 and 5%.  
        - Even in the optimal utilization, an increase of production will always be limited.    
        - Pre-grinding systems thus provide a more than satisfactory solution when necessary to increase radically the
          production of existing grinding installations.      
        - In this study, two types of machines will be analyzed:      
          * The roller press        
          * The vertical shaft impactor        
        - Basically, the gains made with these two machines are:      
        - See description of vertical shaft impactor to the next page      
    All rights reserved © 2012-2015 The Cement Grinding Office