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      Bag filters - Elements of sizing
      (For filters with pulse air cleaning system)        
      Disclaimer: This calculator is only a tool of approach and should not replace the study of a specialized firm  
      or competent people!            
      A particular attention should be paid on the units.      
      Quantity of gas to be treated m3/h m3/min    
      Gas temperature °C      
      Type of dust
      Kind of industrial application
      Dust concentration g/m3 g/ft3 (gram and not grain)  
      Average size of particles by mass μm        
      Filtration velocity:            
      Calculated filtration velocity (*) m/min or ft/min    
      (*) Following the formula:
      Filtration speed selected m/min or ft/min    
      Choose filtration velocity
      Net filtration area m2  ft2    
      Number of compartments          
      Gross filtration area m2  ft2    
      Bag diameter
    mm in    
      Bag length m ft    
      Bag area m2 ft2    
      Nomber of bags required          
      Arrangement of the filter:            
      Nbr of bags on the length (lines)          
      Nbr of bags on the width (columns)          
      Filter pressure drop:            
      Pressure of pulsed air (*) psi        
      (*) Normally between 60 and 100 psi            
      Filtration time min        
      Coefficient K2:            
      Viscosity of gas (*) kg/m.s        
      Densité matière kg/m3        
      (*) We assume that the gas is air            
      Calculation of coefficient K2 (*) cmH2O/(m/s).(kg/m2)    
      (*) Following the formula:
      Coefficient K2 if chosen (*) inH2O/(ft/min)/(lb/ft2)    
      (*) K2 is generally between 1,2 and 40            
      Choose coefficient K2
      Calculation of the pressure drop ΔP inH2O or mmH2O    
      (*) Selon la formule:
      Efficiency of the filter:            
      Concentration of dust at the output g/m3        
      Efficiency %        
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