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    In the cement industry, the ball mill is probably the Nemesis of all staffs. Why? Everybody knows that a cement
    mill is a technological heresy on a energetic point of view. The mill's efficiency is extremely poor and the work to 
    get some improvement is huge!            
    We hope this site will give a little help for those who spend a large part of their lives for their ball mill.
    Marc Piccinin is a grinding process engineer and consultant with 34 years of experience in the cement and
    mining industries. Marc's proficiency is the consequence of the innumerable reviews of mill installations
    (more than 360). Marc's specific expertise is with regards to a mill's internal operations as well as the entire grinding
    Marc Piccinin has a degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from ISIPH Charleroi in Belgium.
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    Here you can find an example of realization.        
    The Customer wanted to increase the production of both cement and raw mills circuits.  
    The Grinding Process Engineer had the following missions:      
     - To study the existing mills circuits configuration.        
     - To make a proposition of modifications of the equipments of both plants in order to achieve the target.
     - To defend the proposal on a technical point of view.      
     - To follow the realization of the project (design office and assembly of new equipments).
     - To set up both mills circuits after modifications in order to reach the guarantee.  
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