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    Marc Piccinin              
    Grinding Process Engineer            
    Very good expertise in the optimization of cement grinding plants      
    From 10/2008 till now     Grinding Process Engineer    
     - Consulting in Cement Grinding (Ball mills circuits)        
     - Training courses (Grinding Technology)          
     - Developing software-calculators for Grinding Engineers        
     - Creating and developing a website for Cement Grinding Engineers      
     - Creating and developing a website for Mining Grinding Engineers      
    From 09/2006 till 09/2008     Independent      
     - Studying the technical and fundamental analysis and developing strategies to invest at very short term on the
    financial market (day trading and scalping). Creating automatic  trading softwares (EA = Expert Advisors) with the
    Metatrader trading platform.  These EA are dedicated to the following products: FOREX, UK, FR and GER CFD 
    From 05/2003 till 04/2006     Independent      
     - Study, installation and management of a hydroponic culture (NFT      
     - Gas station manager              
    From 02/2001 till 06/2002     Audit engineer in the field of the copper ore grinding process
     - Realization of various missions for Magotteaux Chile in the copper ore mining industry    
    From 09/1987 till 12/2001  Slegten Magotteaux Grinding Process Engineer    
     - Technical assistance to the sales department, studies, reports and optimizations  of grinding plants in the cement 
    industry, for the following markets: Belgium, UK, Italy, Greece, North Africa and Middle East countries  
     - Technical assistance to the sales department, studies, reports and optimizations  of grinding plants in the south 
    american mining area, research works            
    My contribution allowed the increase of output from 5 to 50% and the improvment of the energy   
    consumption (kWh/t) of various cement and raw mills in the countries where I was involved.  
    From 09/1986 till 08/1987  CEDEC Bruxelles Consultant        
     - Projects realizations in  small and medium societies in France. Projects concerning the financial, human
    resources, sales and production departments          
    From 05/1978 till 08/1986  Brugeoise et Nivelles Maintenance, Safety and Production Engineer  
     - Study, documents creation, implementation and organization of a new preventive maintenance in the plant in
    relation with new safety rules            
     - Responsability and organization of the tools machines and  aluminium departments    
    The average downtime of the equipments decrease up to 50% after 3 years.      
    From 10/1977 to 04/1978  ISCOR South-Africa Maintenance Technician      
     - Responsible of a cold galvanization line          
    Studies history:              
     - Safety graduate (2 years) CiFOP (Belgium) 1982          
     - Mechanical Industrial Engineer(4 years)UTPP (Belgium) 1977        
     - Secondary School (Scientific 6 years)Institut St Berthuin (Belgium) 1972      
     - Mother language: french            
     - Others: english, italian, portuguese (intermediate level for all)         
     - Basic language : spanish            
    Additional information:              
     - PC : Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Metatrader, Webmaster.        
     - Domestic and international mobility.          
     - Hobbies : Skiing, tennis, jogging, books, music (progressive  rock), gastronomy (cooking).  
     - Pierre Stouffs - Circuit optimization Manager (Slegten Belgium)      
     - Léon Hennen - Director comercial Sudamerica (Magotteaux Chile)