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      Comminution Separators  
      Comminution (cement industry) Separators (cyclones, static, 1st gen., 2nd gen., 3rd gen.)  
      Laws of Comminution (3 laws + general law) Tromp Curve and Separator Analysis  
        Tromp interpretation  
      Mill's and equipments Lagrange Corrector for Sampling Results  
      Type of Ball Mills Separators Comparison (1st gen., 2nd gen., 3rd gen.)  
      Mill's Internals (linings, diaphragms, grinding media)    
      2 Chambers General Specifications Mill circuit auxiliaries  
      Mill Ventilation Pre-grinding Systems (RP, VSI)  
      Water Injection Belt Conveyors  
      Mill Control Systems (simple, PID, expert) Bucket Elevators  
      Summary tables of ball mills in cement works Airslides  
        Screw Conveyors  
      Mill's study Vibrating Screens    
      Mill Inspection Filters (EP, bags 3 types)    
      Mill Filling Degree (3 methods) Fans    
      Mill Granulometry Study      
      Axial test interpretation Sizing and financial elements    
      Mill Circuit Campaign Cement Mill Sizing (mono and 2 chambers mill)  
      Sieving in Two Steps Grinding Circuit Sizing (all the equipments)  
      Mill Ventilation Measurement Grinding Plant Cost List    
      Mill False Air Payback and ROI and IRR    
      Mass Balance (7 circuits) Cement production target vs Ball mill diameter  
      Material Inside the Mill Energy optimization  
      Retention Time      
      Mill Power Formulas Materials study    
        Cement Components (clinker, gypsum, limestone...etc)    
      Ball charges study Cement Parameters Formulas (HM, SR, LSF, Bogue...etc)    
      Ball Charges Composition Grindability and hardness tests (intro)  
      Top Size Grinding Media (3 formulas) Grindability tests  
      Ball Charge Sampling Hardness tests  
      Marked Ball Test Particle Size Distribution   
        Blaine Specific Surface Area   
      Heat balances Blaine vs Residue  
      Ball Mill Heat Balance, Production vs Blaine or Residue (formulas)  
      Drying Capacities for Raw Material Grinding Aids  
      Cement Cooling in the Separator  White Cement  
        Cement European Standard (EN 197-1)  
      Limestone and coal    
      Limestone Technology (raw ball mills) Various  
      Coal Grinding Technology (coal ball mills) Test of Knowledge (MCQ)  
        Units Conversion  
      Various Cement Fabrication 1 (Youtube link)  
      Getting an Efficient Grinding Plant Cement Fabrication 2 (Youtube link)  
      Ball Mill Simulation (DEM - Youtube links) US Meshs and Microns Table