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      List of Presentations              
      Grinding Media              
      The grinding media is a very important factor of the mills internals, not only on a    
      mill's efficiency point of view but also on a wear point of view.      
      The presentation is composed of the following chapters:        
      Ball charges quality              
      Wear rate              
      Wear rate calculation            
      A wear rate calculator is also available.            
      Top size                
      The calculation of the top size grinding media with three formulas:       
      Particle Size Distribution - Representation        
      This paper describes the methods to represent a particle size distribution.  
      5 methods are presented: Linear, Linear with X- log scale, Log-Normal, Gaudin-Scumann
      and Rosin-Rammler distributions. An example of linear regression is also detailed.  
      Other mill power formulas            
      The paper describes two well-known ball mill power formulas.        
      These formulas are used in the mining industry but also in the cement area:
      1. the Bond power formula              
      2. the Hogg and Fuerstenau power formula          
      Calculators are also available in the tools page.          
      Study of the grinding balls distribution inside the mill      
      The grinding balls distribution inside the mill is presented in three parts:  
      1. the sampling campaign              
      2. the analysis of the samples               
      3. the analyse of the results and the interpretation           
      Mining Tromp curve explanation          
      This page explains how to use the Tromp curve for cyclones        
      Ball mill design explanation            
      This page explains how to size a ball mill in single stage circuit         
      Hydrocyclone design explanation          
      This page explains how to size an hydrocyclone          
      Work indices                
      Usual and averages work indices for the most famous materials      
      Mill speeds recommendations            
      Recommended speeds for ball and rod mills:          
      Units conversion calculator            
      Conversion of length, area, volume, mass, volumetric flow, mass flow, energy, specific 
      energy, power and pressure