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Technical forms:

All the forms are divided in 4 parts: Technical data, Production data, Visit of the mill and Granulometries results.
If you fill out this form and send it to us, you will receive an initial evaluation of your plant and this for free. The evaluation will consist of an one-page report. To fill Technical data and Production data parts are a minimum to give an evaluation of the grinding circuit and especially the ball mill. To have a comment of the mill's visit and the results of samples tests is a plus.

The forms are the following:
- Monochamber mill:
- 2 chambers mill:
- 3 chambers mill:
- Birotato raw mill:
- Mono airswept mill:
Monochamber Form
2 Chambers Form
3 Chambers Form
Birotator raw Form
Mono airswept Form
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